Chapter Three

Appearing on MTVs Real World Franchise has been a blessing for me. Before hand I was content with just being America's favorite Trashman, which was a great job and provided me with stability. Since the original Real World Las Vegas 25 aired I have racked up quite a few airlines miles traveling to Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. It was always a dream of mine to live in California, and I did it. I met some really great people and was encouraged to step outside my comfort zone. Ok I am still working on the swimming lessons, but I figure with my great personality I can make it anywhere. Just don't make me wear a shock collar anymore, are you listening MTV producers?

There have been people who either like or dislike me for whatever reason. No matter what I have to continue to be a positive influence and be a compelling force on their actions, behavior, and opinions.

Everyday is still a LearnChangeGrow moment for me. I encourage everyone to find their passion and don't be afraid to try something different. I try to stay on the GlobalGrind so be sure to check out and support some of my new business endeavors.

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I could not have imagined coming up with an idea or a brand and getting paid for it. Entrepreneurship is the act and art of undertaking innovations, finance and business acumen and transforming them into economic goods.

Last year I teamed up with Kyra the “Get in Shape Girl” which I felt was a big deal. Because most men don’t want to take any work out advice from a woman. Not only did I learn fitness tips, but I also learned how to cook, which is something I struggled with my whole life.

I try to share that knowledge and motivate my followers between Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to exercise a little more and eat a little healthier. Check it out! Interview Shop RoyLee